Bitcoin Champion is yet another automatic crypto currency trading platform that promises stellar earnings.

It is completely equal to other platforms already seen, such as Bitcoin Bank or Bitcoin Compass.
Site Analysis

Also Bitcoin Champion has on the home page of the site the usual video about the Bitcoin revolution, with a CNN journalist, Bill Gates, the Winklevoss twins and others.

Right next to the video there is the registration form.

Immediately below is an inscription to be taken with the utmost caution:

Join the bitcoin champion!

bitcoin champion is a group reserved exclusively for members who take advantage of the incredible profits offered by Bitcoin and are accumulating a huge fortune.

Bitcoin Champion seems to have reviews on newspapers such as CNN, Financial Times, Time, Forbes. Too bad that by clicking on each of these logos nothing happens.

Following are the testimonials of those who made it. But it is enough to make a change between the Italian and English version of the site to realize that the people in the photos say different things and that the translations are not at all mirror-like.

Anyway, everyone says that they have enriched themselves with Bitcoin Champion, earning even more than 1,200 euros per day.

Just like Bitcoin Compass, Bitcoin Champion claims to be 99.4% accurate. The gain system is based on the fact that the trading software is able to anticipate market movements by 0.01 seconds.

And of course Bitcoin Champion has also been awarded by the UK Trading Association, the usual association that does not exist.

After a list of gains in real time with names and surnames, but actually stopped at January 3, 2020, on the site is explained how to use Bitcoin Champion.

The steps to do are the following:

Register on the site
Pour 250 euros to start
start the software and let the algorithm work.

In the Frequently Asked Questions section some details are added:

You earn 1,100 euros per day;

The time to dedicate to Bitcoin Champion is 20 minutes per day.
You can become a millionaire in 61 days
It is not in Multi Level Marketing system, so members do not have to bring other members;
There are no commission fees or hidden costs.

Nice, no?

Bitcoin Champion, platform reviews

Surfing the web looking for reviews, you’ll find contrasting ones. For some sites, it is a full-fledged scam. Other reviews instead praise its goodness and earnings, even if they are very similar articles, which should alarm the reader.

What is certainly true, is something that knows well who knows the world of cryptocurrency: earning money in this area is not easy at all, which is why it is good to be wary of Bitcoin Champion and similar platforms.

Also, when promises are made that are too good to be true, they are probably not true. That is why it is good to stay away from these platforms.