Mural on Bitcoin raises up to $100 a day

Art is one of the historical accompaniments of the great achievements of mankind. And Bitcoin is no exception. Around this crypto currency, the most diverse creative expressions have been concentrated, like this mural on Bitcoin by artist Pascal Boyart.

The mural was printed in the city of Paris, the capital of France. To date, the artist has collected 1.3 BTC on various works. According to the news portal Decrypt, the mural is valued at 0.005 BTC and was designed about 6 days ago.

It should be noted that Boyart has been working with this method of tokenization since 2017. His works are generally adorned with QR codes on which users make donations.

For many, this goes beyond money

The fact that it has burst in as a new technology, breaking with an absolutist model of economy, has allowed Bitcoin to put down roots. Since the popularization of the main cryptomone, there are dozens of Bitcoin murals and other artistic expressions that celebrate its existence.

In their book The Age of Cryptomoney, Paul Vigna and Michael Casey point out that the philanthropy of Bitcoin’s followers is overwhelming. It has helped Bitcoin to spread a positive image, the authors explain. It has come to captivate important sectors, including the artistic sector.

„Just as chants are an expression of passion at soccer games, or the U.S. anthem helps citizens regain faith in their country’s greatness, at Bitcoin the cultural movement is expressed in a variety of ways, such as murals, songs, poems, hymns, and so on,“ they say.

In the book, the authors place excerpts from songs dedicated to Bitcoin by composers such as John Barrett and Laura Saggers or the „ode to Satoshi,“ recorded in a Tennessee studio. „We’ll never see anyone dedicate a song to PayPal,“ they conclude ironically.

Pascal Boyart’s Bitcoin mural has captured the attention of the Parisian streets.

In 2019, the author of the Bitcoin mural rose to fame by adapting Delacroix’s work to modern times

Can Blockchain technology boost philanthropy?
The Bitcoin mural isn’t just about raising money
The above-mentioned French artist’s main objective is to raise money. However, it is a way that goes beyond the traditional, since it is framed in the new technology. The common thing is to pay a street artist with a couple of coins, but this time it is through the Blockchain.

This mural by Bitcoin, entitled „Confessions of a Red Buffoon“, is an adaptation of the original work „Stanczyk“ by Jan Matejko, painted in 1862. The added bonus is that the character is surrounded by trust notes scattered all over the floor.

The artist himself has explained that this is what it is all about, trust money and quantitative flexibility. It is also highlighted that the art has, as already said, a QR code at the bottom left. Further down, it has a wallet address, through which people can make donations to Boyart directly without any bank.

In less than a week, the artist explains, this Cryptosoft mural has enabled him to raise the equivalent of $500. One thing worth noting is that the artist wrote a tutorial to help his colleagues tokenize their work.